Leith. It’s been our home since day one of Pilot. Through ups and downs and everything between, Leith has been a constant, its anarchic edge permeating everything we do and, now more than ever, lending us its spirit of perseverance. We wanted to pay tribute to our home with a beer, a beer that captured Leith’s no-nonsense, tell it like it is character, so it could only be a lager. With all the trappings of a straight-down-the line lager – fresh green Czech hops and a clean bitter finish – we also allow it to ferment a wee bit warmer, causing the yeast to produce slight fruity esters which give the beer an unusual edge, not unlike our fair city.

Not only did we want the liquid to be a reflection of Leith, but with the area’s vibrant community of artists and designers the cans had to look sensational as well. For that we called in help from Staunch Industries to bring to life a concept we’d come up with: an illustrated map of Leith. Staunch are a fantastic Leith-based design agency we’ve worked with before on a few things, so we knew their style would be exactly what we were after. The map, whilst not strictly geographically accurate, captures everything we love about Leith, from its nautical and industrial heritage to present day architectural gems like the Banana Flats. A bit of technical magic means that each individual can is sleeved with a slightly different slice of the map, meaning that with every purchase you’ll be getting your own unique piece of our ever so unique locale.

Dedicated to the world’s greatest neighbourhood we give you Leith Lager, available in cans on our webshop now and very shortly in all good independent retailers.