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Pilot brewhouse

We don’t like finings, so we don’t use them.

Isinglass, the most commonly used cask fining, is made from the swim bladders of fish (mainly sturgeon or cod, factfans) and is added to beer to make it clear, at the cost of flavour and aroma. Read that again – it is as mental as it sounds. We reckon finings make our beer taste worse and they’re made out of fish bladders. Nope, not for us thanks.

Our beers may be a bit hazier than you’d expect (if we’re being totally honest, some of them are downright cloudy) but we’re not prepared to sacrifice flavour. Sorry clarity-lovers, not going to happen.

Another advantage of ditching finings is that all of our beers (other than Mochaccino, which contains lactose) are suitable for vegans.