What better way is there to say “Happy Father’s Day, dad!” than 9 delicious Pilot beers and 9 delicious Mademoiselle Macaron macarons made with delicious Pilot beers? Nothing. There is no better way. You’ll get 3 Double Mochaccino macarons, 3 Blue Lady and 3 Philly Cherry Sour ones. Alongside that, there’s a can each of Blønd, Vienna Pale, Mochaccino Stout, Peach Melba Sour, Double Mochaccino, Subsequent IPA, Blue Lady Pale, Philly Cherry Sour and Leith Lager.

Shipping is via APC next day and we *can* ship as late as Friday 18th for delivery on Saturday 19th however we cannot absolutely guarantee this, as APC don’t cover the whole country with Saturday deliveries. Macarons require refrigeration on delivery.

Please note, discount codes won’t apply to this deal, but it will still count towards free shipping on orders over £50!

Some beers contain lactose. All macarons are gluten free. All flavours contain dairy. Macarons contain egg, almonds, butter, cream, milk, soy. All macarons contain dioxide, glycerine, silicon dioxide and propylene glycol.