It’s Father’s Day soon. What better way to say “nice one dad” than a pre-picked selection of our cans, all for £32.50 delivered! WHAT AN ABSOLUTE BARGAIN! An ideal sampler box for your dad, yourself, or anyone else that might deserve a wee lockdown treat.

Use the code DADSHIP at the checkout for free shipping.

The box contains:

3 x Blønd (4% oatmeal pale)

3 x Vienna Pale (4.6% sort-of Vienna lager)

3 x Mochaccino Stout (5.5% coffee and cocoa milk stout. Contains lactose)

2 x Idris Melba (7% peach and raspberry sour. Contains lactose)

1 x North Sea Stout (10% liquorice and seawater stout)

Whilst we can’t 100% guarantee it, ordering by 12pm GMT on Wednesday 17th June *should* ensure pre-Father’s Day delivery in the UK.