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From: Alexa Medina – Celebrity Connected <[email protected]>

To: [email protected]

Date: 29/04/2015 18:07


My name is Alexa Medina, and I am an Associate Producer at Celebrity
Connected. We specialize in producing celebrity events for major award

Celebrity Connected would like to feature Pilot Beer at The Celebrity
Gift Event Honoring The ESPYs(R) on July 14, 2015 in Los Angeles. Forty
companies from around the world and various industries are selected to
be included in the show. You can expect to meet approximately 100-120
celebrities. You will get to chat, take photo/video, and promote your
brand to each celebrity individually. 
Sponsorship packages begin at $5,000, which includes 4 all-access passes
to the gift event, a large show space, and rights to photo and video
taken at the event. The celebrities will be asked to endorse your
business on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and various social media
outlets to millions of followers. You are completely authorized to use
the photos and video that you take with them on your own website and
social media sites. In addition to the celebrities, you are given the
opportunity to network with retailers and potential investors.
Television networks, magazines, bloggers, and numerous media outlets
traditionally cover the event to reinforce your brand on a national and
international scale. 

Please call me at 1-949-379-xxxx. 



From: Pilot Beer <[email protected]>

To: Alexa Medina – Celebrity Connected <[email protected]>

Date: 29/04/2015 18:28

Hi Alexa,

This is tremendously exciting! As a small brewery from Leith we’ve totally been looking for a way to crack the LA celeb market.

Before we commit to anything, on a scale of 1 – 10, what sort of celebrity will we get to meet, with 10 being Barack Obama or Kanye West and 1 being Bubble from Big Brother or the bass player from ASWAD.

Yours excitedly,
Patrick Jones
Pilot Beer Ltd


From:  Alexa Medina – Celebrity Connected <[email protected]>

To: Pilot Beer <[email protected]>

Date: 29/04/2015 18:40

 Hi Patrick! 

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. 

I’m happy that you’re excited about this as we would love to have you at
this event! 

As far as who is attending… We invite the nominees, presenters, and
performers of the award show.. As well as any celebrities that are
current and trending in the media. While we can not give you an exact
list of celebrities… You can get a pretty good idea by just turning on
the TV to a popular celebrity news channel. 

We get a vast variety of celebrities A-D list. Every single one of them
should be considered valuable to your company. Each of them have
thousands if not millions of followers they are more than willing to
share your products with. Even if your products are not specific to the
celeb. They are more than excited to receive your products for there
loved ones. (wives, husbands, uncles, kids, etc.) 

If you are looking for specific names then I can tell you every one
we’ve had in the past but i’ll need to jump on a phone call with you as
it’s a lot to write out. I can tell you we have had every one from Katy
Perry, Johnny Depp, Channing Tatum, Miley Cyrus, the cast of Twilight to
Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Mario Lopez to the real housewives of
Orange County, Shaws of Sunset, and Vanderpump Rules cast. (like I said
we get a vast variety of celebrities in attendance in order to ensure
every demographic is addressed). 

As you can see it is very beneficial for any company and like I said I
believe yours would benefit tremendously from an event like this! 

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions 🙂 



From: Pilot Beer <[email protected]>

To: Alexa Medina – Celebrity Connected <[email protected]>

Date: 30/04/2015 08:58

Hi Alexa, and many thanks for your reply. I have just a couple more questions.

– Do you know if unfined, unfiltered beer is big with the Hollywood glamour set? Our beer can be pretty cloudy, and while Miley Cyrus seems like the kind of girl who’d drink owt I could see Katy Perry turning her nose up, which could be pretty embarrassing!

– When you say Mario Lopez was at a previous event, is that really A.C. Slater from Saved By The Bell? If so, no way, that’s awesome! Do you think there’s any chance we might meet Zack Morris and / or Mr Belding? I’d say we’d be 40% more likely to attend if we knew they were both going to be there.

All the best,


From:  Alexa Medina – Celebrity Connected <[email protected]>

To: Pilot Beer <[email protected]>

Date: 04/05/2015 19:58

 Hi Pat, 

Thanks so much for getting back to me. While your beer may be a little
more specific to certain celebrities, every celebrity will be instructed
and escorted to every booth. This enables you to take photos with every
celebrity in attendance. whether or not they would like a sample would
be completely up to them. I find that most celebrities will try it, it’s
very rare that a celebrity will decline, and very unlikely that a
celebrity would be rude about it. We have been doing events like this
for years! Celebrities are very familiar with our events and the
concept. They know they are there to assist you promote your beer, take
photos, try things, etc. 

Yes! That is Mario Lopez. All three of them have been at our events
multiple times. I can’t guarantee that they’ll be there due to the fact
that I don’t know their schedules. However, I will ensure that the
talent department invites them and I will let you know if they confirm.
Don’t forget there will be about another 100+ celebrities excited to try
your beer! 

Please let me know if you have any other questions. 

Best regards, 

Alexa Medina 


From: Pilot Beer <[email protected]>

To: Alexa Medina – Celebrity Connected <[email protected]>

Date: 08/05/2015 13:43

Hi Alexa,

Many thanks for you reply.

I think that unless you can guarantee a reunion of the old Bayside gang I’m
afraid we’re going to have to say no this time.

Best of luck with it all,