Running a wee brewery is hard work. Yep, tiny violin, I know, I know. It is though. Honest. One of the side effects of that is that when you win something, it’s unbelievably rewarding. Winning two things in quick succession is proper fist-bumps and high fives around the office stuff. We were lucky enough to have that recently, so allow us a bit of self-indulgence…

First up was the Bow Bar’s Dark Beer Challenge. The Bow Bar is one of Edinburgh’s best pubs and every year throughout November they run a blind tasting of 25 Scottish dark beers, with customers ordering a pint of an unknown beer then rating it as they see fit. And we bloody won it with Mochaccino Stout. You honestly couldn’t keep the grins off our faces for days after this one.

Next up was The Skinny’s Food & Drink survey. The Skinny is an excellent popular culture and listings magazine, distributed throughout Scotland (and now with a North-West England edition too). Every year they hold a Food & Drink survey, with all categories voted for by readers, and this year we were voted one of Scotland’s five favourite breweries. Tiny violin time again but, as a team of two with a marketing budget of nil, we’re so ridiculously proud of being voted alongside such great breweries as BrewDog and Williams Bros after just a year of brewing. Massive, massive thanks if you voted for us – we can’t tell you the morale boost that this one gave us. Ta.

The Skinny – Best Scottish Beers